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Recorded Webinar Training

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 CE Hours​:


​   Includes:

  • 1 Year Online Course Access

  • Downloadable Course Workbook

  • CE Hours

Unmasking Gaslighting: Insight, Healing, and Client Empowerment

 CE Hours​:


Recorded Self-Paced Webinar

About This Course

Gaslighting is more than just a buzzword, it can have a pervasive and lasting impact on our clients. This 3-hour course delves into the intricacies of gaslighting, offering a deep understanding of its origins, definition, and various terminology. Explore the impact of gaslighting across different relationships, from intimate partners and friendships to family dynamics. We also navigate the broader societal implications, examining instances within the medical field, advertising, and beyond.


This training empowers mental health professionals to guide their clients on a journey of healing from gaslighting. Gain valuable insights on helping individuals reclaim their voice, rebuild trust in their intuition, and break free from detrimental patterns and relationships. Elevate your expertise and equip yourself with practical strategies to make a lasting impact on your clients' mental well-being.

Course Objectives

​After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define gaslighting and describe its origins.

  • Identify gaslighting in different relationship contexts, including intimate relationships, friendships, and family relationships.

  • Recognize gaslighting that takes place in larger societal contexts including social media, advertising, in medical settings, and as communal trauma.

  • Summarize methods to help clients heal from gaslighting, such as re-learning trust in self, assertive communication techniques, and appropriate boundary-setting.

  • Spot barriers, risks, and limitations of helping those affected by gaslighting.

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