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When will I receive my CE Certificate?

When it comes to continuing education, getting your certificate of completion is a crucial aspect of the process. It serves as evidence that you have completed the required training hours and can be used for licensure renewals or other professional requirements. At Maryland CEU Institute, we offer three types of continuing education workshops: Live Zoom Trainings, On-Demand courses, and In-person trainings. Here's a breakdown of when attendees will receive their certificates for each type of training:

Live Online Zoom Webinars

After attending one of our Live Zoom Webinars, certificates will be sent by email within one week of the conclusion of the training. We take great care to verify attendance and participant information before issuing certificates to ensure accuracy. We're constantly improving our verification process and strive to send your verified certificate as soon as possible.

If you have attended one of our Live Zoom Webinars recently and have not received a certificate, please check your email (including spam and junk folders) to see if it has been sent. If you still can't locate your certificate, please send us an email at to let us know. We will check our records and resend the certificate to you ASAP.

On-Demand Pre-Recorded Trainings

For On-Demand or self-paced pre-recorded trainings, certificates are available for download immediately after you have completed the training in full. Instructions for how to download your certificate will be provided at the start and conclusion of the training.

Please note: If you require a custom certificate with licensing credentials, it may take up to two business days for your CE Certificate to be updated to reflect this information. Please only select this customization if it is required by your licensing board.

In-Person Trainings

Certificates for in-person trainings will be distributed at the conclusion of the training after you have completed the required evaluation form. We verify all attends records onsite prior to issuing certificates for in-person trainings. This allows us to ensure that you have fully participated in the training and met the requirements for continuing education credit.

At Maryland CEU Institute, we take pride in our commitment to accuracy and professionalism. We understand that getting your certificate in a timely manner is important, and we do our best to ensure that the process is smooth and efficient. We also take great care to verify attendance and participant information before issuing certificates, as we want to make sure that your certificate is accurate and reflects your participation in the training.

We hope this information has been helpful in clarifying when you can expect to receive your continuing education certificate following one of our continuing education trainings. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


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