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Navigating Virginia Social Work License Renewal: Tips and Insights

Updated: May 23

image of clock with hand writing "Time to Renew". Text overlay reads: Virginia Social Work Renewal 2024"

Virginia social workers, it's time for the 2024 renewal on June 30th! This year you must fulfill your Continuing Education (CE) requirements for the 2024 renewal.

Here's everything you need to know:

1. Know Your Requirements:

  • LCSWs: 30 CE hours from 07/01/2022 to 06/30/2024, with a minimum of 6 hours in ethics, standards of practice, or Virginia practice laws.

  • LMBSW/LBSW: 15 CE hours, including 3 hours in ethics, standards of practice, or Virginia practice laws.

2. Renewal Cycle Clarification:

  • Social workers renew licenses annually but complete CE hours every two years, specifically in even years.

3. Category I vs. Category II CEs:

  • How many of the required renewal credits for Virginia Social Workers must be Category I vs Category II?

    • Category I: A minimum of 20 hours for LCSWs or 10 hours for LMBSW or LBSW social workers must be Category I Credits. Please note that Virginia social workers may obtain all of their required CE credits as Category I credits.

    • Category II: 10 hours for LCSWs or 5 hours for LMBSW or LBSW social workers may be Category II Credits.

5. Simplifying Getting Your CEs:

  • We understand the confusion around categorization and the overwhelming options online. Our approach is straightforward: select your desired course, register, and earn Category I credits without any subscription commitments.

  • Opt for our value-packed course bundles:

6. Submission Reminder:

  • Submit your renewal by June 30th, and consider completing CE credits in advance to avoid last-minute stress.

8. Elevate CE: Your CE Provider:

  • We exclusively offer Category I CE credits, ensuring Virginia social workers can meet all requirements conveniently.

  • Explore our recorded webinar ethics courses and experience our commitment to quality education with a complimentary 1-credit "Foundations of Trauma Informed Therapy" recorded webinar.

  • Visit our Recorded Webinars page to view all of our individual courses and bundles.

9. Renewal Tips:

  • We know that renewal time can be confusing and stressful. We find that the best way to tackle CEs for license renewal is to start with tracking how many CE credits you already have.

  • If you have already been tracking your CE credits - that's great! Take a look at your tracking document and see where you still need CEs. Make sure you have all of your certificates in one place. Virginia social workers don't need to submit their certificates when they renew but you need to keep them on file in case of an audit.

  • If you haven't been keeping track - that's ok - it is never too late to start. Just open up a spreadsheet or even take out a piece of paper and start writing down the CE credits you already have.

  • DO NOT go from memory alone when you track your CE credits - go back and find the courses you have completed and track down your certificates BEFORE you write them down in your spreadsheet.

    • We often have people contact us who believe they took a course with us but who in fact did not.

  • Match your certificates one to one as you track your credits.

  • Need more credits? We have found that nothing is easier during renewal time than our recorded webinars. Consider some of the benefits of our recorded webinars:

    • Complete them on your own time in a stress-free environment.

    • Courses are broken into chapters and lessons and allow you to easily save your progress as you go.

    • Choose from a curated list of high-quality video-based courses with no subscription required.

    • Enjoy our simple and easy-to-use training platform.

    • Download your certificate immediately after completing each course and add it to your list of CE credits. simple, easy, stress-free CEs!

The Virginia social work license renewal is just around the corner - are you ready to renew? Check out our Virginia CE requirements page for a full breakdown of all the requirement and a list of courses that fulfill the Virginia CE requirements.

Please note that Elevate Continuing Education is a continuing education provider and is in no way affiliated with the Virginia Board of Social Work. The above guidelines have been obtained directly from the Virginia Board of Social Work website and may be subject to change by the Virginia Board of Social Work. For questions about CE requirements, please visit the Virginia Board of Social Work Website or contact the board directly at or call (804) 367-4441. 


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